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News from the Committee

The committee meets on a regular basis and discusses day to day issues that arise in our garden.
These issues may be anything from, how the weather is effecting our tomatoes or the over filling of bins or future events or projects that we may want to take on.
Your committee will listen to your suggestions and it is important that you do talk to the committee members.

Future ideas and projects

At the moment we have a few projects that have been achieved and a few ideas that we think will benefit the garden.

Our achievements include, the installation of a new reticulation system, allowing a good supply of water to all blocks in the garden, also concreting the floor of the shed and the proper storage of tools.
The committee is looking at the replacement of the chain fence on the Venice Street entrance and erecting a feature gate and fence with our name.
Plenty of people pass us and think what goes on in there, so we hope the feature gate and fence will enlighten them.
We are in the early stages of this project and will need to have council approval and permits etc.

If you have ideas that you think will benefit the garden, please let us know.

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