Membership Questionnaire

Mentone Community Garden Survey
Who makes up the community gardening group?
Do you work your plot
How long have you been a member of the community garden?
What age group are you in?
Can you estimate how much time you spend at the garden.
In spring/summer?
In autumn/winter?
What do you enjoy most about the community garden?
What do you enjoy the least about the community garden?
Do you have knowledge and/or skills related to gardening (eg: plant propagation, composting, organic fertilising techniques, controlling plant diseases organically etc) you would be happy to share with other members?
If Yes, please describe
What is the size of your plot?
How do you find managing your plot?
Would you like to see other options such as:
Raised beds for easier access?
Communal areas where growing, maintenance and sharing of produce is managed by a group of individuals?
Single plots being halved in size to offer smaller plots to some members
Vertical gardens developed on appropriate structures within the garden
Shared use of hothouses to grow seeds and cuttings
Dedicated areas for composting within the garden
Do you have any other suggestions?
Community Activities
Would you be interested in attending::
Meet and greet nights - early evening drinks, barbecue, share produce at the garden to meet new and current members
Workshops on gardening topics of interest
Visits to other community gardens
Future Projects
What items of equipment and/or infrastructure would you like to see bought on behalf of all members?
The local council offer grants each year for community projects. Is there a specific gardening project you would like to see the gardening club undertake?